1 year ago

'Flower Shell' Makes It Possible To Literally Shoot Seeds Into Your Garden With A Gun (VIDEO)

Not since the launch of Garden & Gun magazine back in 2007 have we ever really thought about pairing the pastimes of planting flowers with that of firing off rounds of ammunition. And even then, we explored the concept with some major hesitation.< read more...

1 year ago

"Doomsday" Seed Vault Opens In Norway

It's been dubbed a Noah's Ark for plant life and built to withstand an earthquake or a nuclear strike.

Dug deep into the permafrost of a remote Arctic mountain, Norway has created a "doomsday" vault to protect the world's seeds from global read more...

1 year ago

Buy Plug Plants, Vegetable Seeds, Flowers Seeds, Plants

With over 200 years of gardening knowledge and expertise, Suttons Seeds have built an enviable reputation for quality products which guarantees you get the most from your garden.

Whether you are looking to fill your greenhouse with plug pla read more...

1 year ago

Wild Flower Field Into Your Home Garden

Wild flowers and shrubs are those which are giving to your home garden a special charm and a natural, living and flaming view. Don't be afraid to plant wild flowers into your garden, some of them matches very well to the cultivated flowers. Others read more...

1 year ago

What Are Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

The breeding of auto flowering strains of cannabis plants is constantly becoming more and more popular. New strains and auto flowering hybrid seeds are appearing on the market rapidly but why are these seeds so popular, and how are these new breed read more...

1 year ago

Fossil plant puts sunflower origin in South America | Reuters

BUENOS AIRES A beautifully preserved 50 million-year-old fossil of a flower that was an ancient relative of sunflowers and daisies suggests these plants may have bloomed for the first time in South America, scientists said.

Fossils of the A

1 year ago

5 Ways to Use Chia Seeds

Early one morning recently, I was out running with a friend and the subject of food came up. (It never takes long with me.) I mentioned tossing chia seeds into a smoothie.

"Is chia really all that great?" he asked. "What do you do with it?" read more...